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Secure, Static Free Digital Coverage Now Available

It just...Communicates!

- It doesn't surf the web.
- It doesn't let you send pictures of your dog.
- It doesn't let your employees talk to their girlfriends.
- It doesn't need a cigarette lighter plug

Digital Trunked 2-way Radio
Cost effective, highly efficient communications for your business..(more)

Reasons why trunked 2-way radio makes sense for your business

Reduce your monthly expenses, increase efficiency & eliminate distractions..(more)

Why Cell Phones don't always make sense for business communications

Are cell phones the best choice for your business mobile communications?..(more)

GPS vehicle location without high monthly fees

Know where our vehicles are & manage your employees..(more)

Private On-Site Digital & Analog Systems for Industry
We can also design an on-site digital or analog system custom taylored to your facility...(more)

Hand Held Cel Phone Ban Information
Delaware Cell Phone Ban Information...(Click Here)
New Jersey Cell Phone Ban Information...(Click Here)
Maryland Cell Phone Ban Information...(Click Here)



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Kenwood NX-300 

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